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Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise nominated in the 13thInternational Smartphone Gaming Awards Global



HO CHI MINH City, Vietnam, February 06, 2017 - TheInternational mobile Gaming Awards Global (IMGA Global) has comebachồng with its 13th times. This time, Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise (from VNG Game Studios) proudly ahy vọng the 159 nomineeswere picked from nearly 3,000 submissions and from local winners,all ayên ổn for the biggest award - Grand Prix and other twelveawards.

As a nominee, Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise is also eligible khổng lồ win the People"s Choice Award, whichis voted online by fans across the globe. From now until February27, 2017 Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise fans & gamers can cast their votes at:

Baông xã lớn November 8th, năm nhâm thìn Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise won the People’s ChoiceAward in the 1st IMGA Southeast Asia.

“Nominees like Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise highlight the new standard of creativity & the emergingchất lượng of the productions found in Smartphone gaming”, saidMaarten Noyons, founder of The IMGA.

Winners will be announced on February 28, 2017 during the highlyanticipated IMGA ceremony, which will take place in SanFrancisteo.

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Media Contact

An Nguyen

Communication Manager

Skype: deadeyesn


About Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise

Join the world of fairy tales of Jachồng và the beanstalk whereyou become a fantasy gardener on the cloud.

Raise a garden of flowers on the cloud! Harvest seeds of plants,grow them in chất lượng pots. Upgrade your hundred of quality pots andtrade with friends. Explore the world on paradise, run your owngarden with other online players around the world.

Are you ready for the new adventure? Let’s getstarted!

Key Features

PLANT variety of seed like rose, oải hương, táo bị cắn dở,watermelon...HARVEST garden fresh seeds of your favoriteflowers và vegetables.COLLECT a collection of hundred unique pots.DECORATE your garden with hundred of varietydecorations.

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CUSTOMIZE your own clouds for a wonderful gardenon sky.TRADE, visit friends and help other gardenersaround you.EARN daily rewards with many fairy storycharacters & take a spin at the Wheel of Fortune.ONLINE & meet million people from all over theworld.PLAY with your Facebook and Twitter friends ormake new in-game friends."

"Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise is không tính tiền to play, though some in-game items can also bepurchased.

*A network connection is required khổng lồ play*"

About the International di động Game Awards

The IMGA is the longest standing thiết bị di động games award programstarted in 2004. With its long history and chất lượng judging process,it has brought some of the world’s most popular titles intothe limelight the likes of Candy Crush Saga và Clash of Clans. Itis the only competition that unites the industry by celebratingexcellence và innovation in games.

For full details visit: or call: +33 491 315217. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

About VNG trò chơi Studios

VNG trò chơi Studios, a subsidiary of VNG Corp., the leadingmạng internet company & famous game publisher/developer in Vietnam,was founded in April 2007 with more than 250 employees whichcontained best Vietnamese game artists and programmers & weredivided inkhổng lồ many studtiện ích ios with different roles. VNG Game Studioshas developed và published more than 30 game products whichdiversify in genres & platforms (from client, web-browser on PCto lớn mobile). VNG trò chơi Studios’ main target is to bring qualityproducts with excellent services khổng lồ satisfy their users, not onlydomestic but also abroad.

Since 2013, VNG Game Studtiện ích ios has focused all of its power &resources for developing & operating their mobile games.Currently, VNG Game Studtiện ích ios has more than 70 million of installs ondi động, including 45 million of installs from domestic users and 25million of installs from global users. Also, VNG trò chơi Studquả táo wasproudly received the title “Top Developer” &“Editor’s Choice” from Google Play for theirfirst-person shooter Mobile game: Dead Target: Zombie™

Well-known products from VNG trò chơi Studios: Dead Target: Zombie, Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise, Dead Target:Zombie 2, Cube Skyl&, iCa, Tini Farm & Zombie Shootdown.

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©2017 VNG CORPS / VNG GAME STUDIOS All rights reserved. SkyGarden: Farm in Paradise is a trademark of VNG Game Studquả táo.

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